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Commissioners Approve Tax Abatement Application

Published Jan. 5, 2012 @ 10:05 a.m.

Garza County Commissioners’ Court met December 28 and opened the meeting with a Public Hearing regarding a tax abatement requested by Buffalo Point Wind, LLC.  Citizens attending were Bob Macy, Mike Macy and Bobby Cowdrey. Venti Wind has proposed a 60 megawatt project on behalf of Buffalo Point Wind, LLC.   Richard Amato of Venti Wind stated that the project would most likely be 30-40 turbines, but could be as many as 60 turbines, built on the field on 5000 to 6000 acres south of Highway 380 west of Post.  A second phase of the project could increase the project for a total of 10,000 acres.  Transmission line availability will determine the actual size of the project.

Cal Huffaker, legal representation for Garza County, recommended that the court approve the application for tax abatement and briefly explained the process after an approval.  He added that there are about 500 megawatts of proposed projects between Post and Tahoka in Garza and Lynn Counties.

Bob Macy expressed his total opposition to the Buffalo Point Wind project and Bobby Cowdrey concurred.

The court considered the application for tax abatement from Buffalo Point Wind, LLC and voted to establish the reinvestment zone as shown on the proposed map submitted for record.  The commissioners also voted to approve the application for tax abatement from Buffalo Point Wind, LLC.

The court approved the minutes from the December 12 regular meeting and the November 12 special meeting. Precinct and countywide accounts payable for December 13 through December 28 were approved as presented.  There were no budget amendments or line item transfers.

The following items of information were brought before the commissioners as a written report or for discussion and were approved as presented:  Garza Wildlife Damage Association and Garza County Tax Appraisal District announced the five elected Board of Directors.

Clerk Plummer explained to the court that the March 6, 2012 Primary Election has been postponed to April 3, 2012 and that there may be issues with complying with federal law if an April primary were held.  The issue is still before U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

The commissioners also approved a 12 holiday schedule for Garza County employees in 2012.  Those holidays are:  President's Day, Feb. 20; Easter, April 6; Memorial Day, May 28; Independence Day, July 4; Labor Day, Sept. 3; Columbus Day, Oct. 8; Veteran's Day, Nov. 12; Thanksgiving, Nov. 22 & 23; Christmas, Dec. 24 & 25; New Years, Jan. 1. 

The court made the following board/committee appointments of commissioners for 2012:  Judge Norman:  Trailblazers, Law enforcement liaison for Commissioners' Court, SPAG, VOCA supervisor; Commissioner McDaniel:  Historical Preservation, Law Enforcement, Garza County Historical Museum, Caprock Cultural Association, Judge Pro-Tem; Commissioner Morris:  Landfill, Law Enforcement, Airport; Commissioner Brannon:  Law Enforcement, Trailblazers - Ex Officio, 911 Committee, Ambulance; Commissioner Benham:  Ambulance, SPAG, Lake Alan Henry Zoning Board, Law Enforcement, 922 Committee Ex-Officio, SPAG - Advisory.          

The commissioners also voted to set the County Court terms for 2012 by the calendar quarter system:  January, April, July and October.

One sealed bid for county property located at 105 East 4th was received from Jason Martinez in the amount of $500.  Attorney Munk said the court costs owed are $769, taxes due are $1792.59 and the adjudged value is $1500.  The commissioners voted to accept the bid pending approval from the other taxing entities.

Cab construction on the new courthouse elevator should've been completed by December 30 and finish work will follow.

The county received a proposal to replace the boiler system for about $79,000. Judge Norman and Commissioner Benham have met with engineering firm Parkhill, Smith and Cooper about the possibility of installing a central air systems. Three options will be presented at a later date.

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