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Garza County Historical Commission board members Pat Cruse (left) and Linda Puckett receive the Distinguished Service Award from the Texas Historical Commission. County Judge Lee Norman presented the plaque at the July 9 meeting of the commissioners' court.

Historical Board Receives Distinguished Award

Published July 10, 2012 @ 6:45 p.m.

The Garza County Historical Commission was recognized with the Distinguished Service Award for it's preservation work in 2011.  The award is given by the Texas Historical Commission to local organizations "for going above and beyond to preserve, protect and promote the history of their county, " according to a letter to County Judge Lee Norman from the state commission.  

Judge Norman had the pleasure of presenting a plaque to Linda Puckett and Pat Cruse, two members of the county historical commission (CHC), at the July 9 Garza County Commissioners' Court meeting.

The letter from Bratten Thompson, history programs division director of the Texas Historic Commission, explained that "public recognition of CHC service will revitalize appointees as they continue to share and save the character of your county."  

"CHCs have a passion for telling the real stories of Texas and we are honored to provide services that support their hard work and invest in our communities," said THC Executive Director Mark Wolfe.

Puckett serves as the director of the Garza County Historical Museum and Cruse is her assistant.  The museum is located at 119 N. Avenue N in Post.  The operating hours are 10 a.m.–noon and 1–5 p.m., Tuesday–Saturday.  The phone number is 806/495-2207.  

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