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A vehicle traveling north on Hwy. 27 failed to stop at the intersection of East Hwy. 380 causing an accident last week.
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Another Week, Another Wreck

No injuries in latest incident at “Calamity Corner”

Published Sept. 19, 2011 @ 6 a.m.

Unfortunately last week another accident occurred at the intersection of East Hwy. 380 and Hwy. 207/Loop 46 in Post.  Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.  It appears that once again, the accident was caused by a vehicle traveling north on Hwy. 207/Loop 46 failing to stop at the intersection. Witnesses reported that the vehicle was also speeding.  The posted speed limit is 30 mph. 

Texas Department of Transportation and City of Post officials continue to find a solution that will grab the attention of drivers as they near the intersection.  In a letter dated Sept. 9 (the day before the most recent accident) Mayor Harp reminded TxDOT of the need to relocate the directional sign to White River thus removing any obstacle to a clear view of the lighted “Stop” sign at the intersection.  The directional sign has now been moved.

The mayor also asked TxDOT when a sign will be added to the existing “Stop” sign stating “Thru Traffic Does Not Stop.” She also encouraged the agency to install an additional sign about a block to the south of the intersection, that reads “Highway Intersection Ahead.”

While these measures will surely help make the intersection safer, the responsibility falls directly on drivers.  Those traveling north must observe the speed limit and the “Stop” sign.  Those driving in either direction on East Hwy. 380 must slow before the intersection and enter the intersection with caution.

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